Offering Contract, Contract to Hire, and Direct Placements

Finding and maintaining an effective workforce is difficult at best in today’s market conditions. The time that it takes to find quality staff can be difficult, time-consuming, and cost prohibitive. Professional Staffing Services will remove the burden of finding that quality workforce while enabling you to stay within your budget with professional employer services in Florida.

Through the strong relationship we form with your company and the added benefit of professional recruiters who understand your specific industry – from regulations to requirements – we will find you the ideal candidate.

We deliver top candidates to strengthen your business

Through our proprietary screening process, we will ensure that your company receives top quality, professional placements that come to you ready to get to work. Our staffing experts have the knowledge necessary to understand your specific industry and therefore provide the staff recruitment support that your company requires.

Whether you’re a young, fast-growing organization or an established Fortune 500, a strong technical team is essential to maximizing your company’s performance. Your partnership with Professional Staffing Services guarantees you powerful employer staffing advantages no other recruiting firm offers.

We partner with you to ensure better placement success

Too many agencies think their job is finished once they’ve located an applicant with the technical skills to do the job. But skills are only the starting point in assuring placement success. A successful candidate must also be able to function well within your environment; comfortably respond to your management style; work effectively with coworkers; and clearly understand your goals and objectives.

Once we have identified, screened, and placed the right candidate with your company, our job is not finished. We will continue to follow-up and ensure that you and the candidate are a good fit to safeguard your continued success within your industry.  Give us a call today so that we can evaluate and fulfill your staffing needs.