Staffing Services in Florida

In the world of staffing, there are three positions that normally need to be filled: Contract, Contract-to-Hire, and Direct Placement. Depending on what you are looking for, we can help you find that perfect position. For thorough staffing services in Florida, turn to the recruiters at Professional Staffing Services.

Contract: This type of position is for the candidate that is seeking a full-time temporary position. The company may be looking for someone to help with a particular project and only needs help for a few weeks or months. The employee would be hired as a Contract Employee, which means they are only there for a set period of time. Once their contract was over, they would move on to another position at another company.

Contract-to-Hire: For some candidates, they are looking for something that allows them to check out the company that they could be working for, without making a permanent commitment. This benefits the company as well, as they are looking to “try-out” an employee before they bring them on full-time. At the end of the specified contract position, if the employee has worked out, they will be offered a permanent position within the company. They can then choose to accept that position, or they can move on to another company.

Direct Placement: For permanent candidate recruiting, companies often just want to hire someone that is looking to get started right away, and are not looking for temporary help. This works well for those employees that are looking to find a permanent home with a company right away. These Direct Placements are often interviewed by us, we send on the candidates that we feel would be a good fit for the company, they interview them again, and, if it is a good fit, a permanent position is offered.

Whichever position you are seeking, we have the companies/clients for you. Contact us today to get started.